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Woman seeking man calmar, alberta

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Crook and his large family were family friends and we visited back and forth continually. They later retired in Vancouver, B. Today, when I drive by those tanks, they bring back many memories.

Bythousands of men and women were discharged from the Services and scrambling for jobs. All year the students had been gaining experience in the oil fields at Devon and Leduc too, so there was a very close connection between the office I was in and the oil fields. So actually all the oil activity with the many new vehicles,both cars and trucks, was along th Street on the Southside, and on Jasper Avenue in the downtown area as well as Street. Unless you were in the oil business and buying fleets of vehicles no one owned a car, nor were they available to buy.

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Everyone rode a streetcar, so all in all it was a very cozy situation and we got to know most everyone very quickly. It was not untilthat I went to Windsor, Ontario to buy my first car and drive it back to Edmonton having gone down on the train to pick it up. Then overnight, when oil was discovered, it seemed the whole area came alive far faster than in Klondike Days. Companies like Halliburton- with their dark red colors; Schlumberger of Canada with their blue colors later predominantly white ; B.

Oils Construction companies sprung up quickly and other trucking companies that did all types of work in the oilfields. Things had been so quiet right after the war, and men and women discharged from the different services wondered and worried about what they were womsn to do with the rest of their lives, and then oil was discovered and everyone wished they were trained to do a job with the oil companies then, so there was a great rush to quickly establish themselves and they were all hoping they would be hired into a good job.

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In the days of the booming oil, there were no sleeper trucks, and drivers and swampers stayed in old hotels, often sleeping on the floors. They had none of the conveniences in their trucks that they have today, or in living conditions. Mobile homes were very primitive even if it meant their wives and families could be with them in the oilfield. I remember one group NE of Fort St.

John, B. Towns and Oilfields sprung up everywhere in those early days, and those that have been very quiet to the discovery of oil came very much alive.

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Places like Leduc for instance. Who can forget the huge piles of goody mud on its one Main Street. It seemed it was 15 or 20 feet deep as the long truck with pipes hanging out the back ploughed down the center seekinf the street. There was one General Store on Main Street in Leduc then, and I can still remember the dry mud being dragged into their door as the sidewalks were covered.

When you think of that today it truly was remarkable, as there are so many companies doing the same work today, and charges are very high for such work. There is a shopping centre now, where their house used to be.

I visited there so often, especially in the winter time. Wizard Lake, was another place in the bush. It certainly was not a resort then, but many plants sprung up in the area. The oil opened up the area, and for many years now there have mann many cottages around the shore line, the water skiers at one time tried to claim the area until they finally had to move out.

There was Judy Creek oilfield in the north, and once again we ploughed through the muddy ro to get in there, but they did have a beautiful log building as an office there, is no better place to find it than there at Swan Hills. Swan Hills was another area that developed due to the discovery of oil. The first time Seekinb visited there, there was only one small hotel, and a tiny store and mountains of mud in between the two buildings, so I was pleasantly surprised to see Girls sex tits Banana now paved streets, curbing, beautiful big qoman, schools, and businesses when I visited there in Golden Spike has always appealed to me for some reason, even the name sounds romantic, and we certainly did not expect to find that in the bush south west of Edmonton.

Although I Camrose, Alberta became well known for the valves they invented and manufactured for use in the oilfields.

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He sat in his car with strong binoculars, spying on other oil companies to see what they were doing. Schlumberger in Charlie and his men bought many camlar seismograph trucks from their headquarters in Dallas, Texas. In I ed their company in s Receivable, and learned much Real amateur porn pix Winston-salem ma oilmen when they submitted their travel claims, all about the permit required, and parts for trucks.

The radio announcers in the News Media had never heard of Leduc before, and continued to pronounce it serking "Leeduck", which annoyed us, and there were so many stories written in the newspaper that were not correct, expecially by writers in the east who had no idea of the area in the west.