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Looking for jackson hunny

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Pumpkin : Made more from the wallets than we did from the register.

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Pumpkin : Made more from the wallets than we did from the register.

Yolanda : Yes, we did. Pumpkin : A lot of customers come into a restaurant. Yolanda : A lot of wallets.

Pulp Fiction () - Amanda Plummer as Honey Bunny - IMDb

Pumpkin : Pretty smart, eh? Too risky. I'm through doing that shit. Yolanda : You always say that. That same thing every time, "I'm through, never again, too dangerous".

Pumpkin : I know that's what I always say. I'm always right, too.

Yolanda : But you forget about it in a day or two. Pumpkin : Yeah, well the days of me forgetting are over, and the days of me remembering have just begun. Yolanda : You want to rob banks? Pumpkin : I'm jwckson saying I want to rob banks, I'm just illustrating that if we did, it'd be easier than what we've been doing.

Yolanda : No more liquor stores?

Pumpkin : What have we been talking about? Yeah, no more liquor stores. Besides, it ain't the giggle it used to be. Too many foreigners own liquor stores these days.

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Vietnamese, Koreans, they don't even speak fucking English. You tell them, empty out the register, they don't know what the fuck you're talking about. They make it too personal, one of these gook fuckers is gonna make us kill him. Yolanda : I'm not gonna kill anybody.

Pumpkin : I don't want to kill anybody either. But they'll probably put us in a situation where it's us or them.

And if it's not the gooks, it's these old fucking Jews who've owned the store for fifteen fucking generations, you've got Grampa Irving sitting behind the counter with a fucking Magnum in his hand. Try walking into one of those places with nothing but a phone, see how far you get. Coffee Shop : I'm the manager here!

There's no problem, no problem at all Pumpkin : You're gonna give me a problem? Coffee Shop : Noooo sir, I'm not!

bunny I'm not gonna give you any problem! Get- I don't know Honey Bunny, he looks like the hero type to me! Coffee Shop : I am not a hero, I'm just a coffee shop- [gets interrupted] Pumpkin : The way it is now, you're taking the same risk as when you rob a bank.

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You take more of a risk, banks are easier. You don't even need a gun in a federal bank.

I mean, they're insured, why should they give a fuck? I heard of this one guy, walks into a bank with a portable phone. hjnny

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He gives the phone to the teller, a guy on the other end of the line says, we've got this guy's little girl, if you don't give him all your money, we're gonna kill her. Yolanda : Did it work? Pumpkin : Fucking-A right, it worked. That's what I'm saying.

Amanda Plummer: Honey Bunny Kiera pretty asian

Knucklehead walks into a bank with a telephone! Not a pistol, not a shotgun, but a fucking phone. Cleans the place out, doesn't even lift a fucking finger. Yolanda : Did they hurt the jackxon girl? Pumpkin : I don't know, there probably never was a little girl in the first place. The point of the story isn't the little girl, the point of the story is, they robbed a jadkson with a telephone.

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